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Bimal Kapadia - SVP, Global Content & Business Development

The Players' Tribune

"Theresa has been with The Players’ Tribune since the beginning of our expansion outside the US.  We wouldn’t be anywhere without Theresa’s razor business acumen, deep media knowledge, vast network, wild enthusiasm, genuine empathy and truly global mindset.  It’s a rarity to find folks in the industry who just “get it.”  Throw her in any situation and she can thrive.  Adaptability is one trait, versatility is another.  Theresa has them both in spades.  And any organization would be lucky to have Theresa as part of the journey.  The Players’ Tribune, particularly myself, will forever be indebted to her contribution."

Larry Miller -  Board of Directors, Jordan Brand

Nike, Inc.

"Theresa Tran is a top choice hire for anyone looking to bring on an incredibly gifted marketer and grounded person to their organization."

Dan Gladstone - Senior Vice President, Grassroots Basketball and Business Development

National Basketball Players Association (NBPA)

"I have known Theresa Tran for a number of years and she has an impeccable track record in the sports industry.  She has a strong work ethic and always puts others first, and this is what makes her highly respected and successful.  In addition, she brings a creative spirit and positive energy to all that she does while producing solid, measurable results for her corporate clients, marketing partners and the athletes she represents.  Theresa is absolutely the type of person you want on your team.  She brings clarity and integrity to a business that can oftentimes be surrounded by chaos and controversy.  Working with Theresa over the years has demonstrated her true attention to detail which she exhibits every moment.  I support Theresa and give her my highest recommendation.”

Fran Boller - Executive Vice President, Nike

Haddad Apparel Group

"Theresa Tran puts pride in the quality of her work, receives many praises from those in her field of work and has a charismatic personality.  On any business initiative, Theresa can equally provide out-of-the-box thinking as well as a tactical approach to getting the job done.  She can be empowered on many levels and will never let you down.  She is a person of her word.  And also makes the workplace enjoyable for everyone around her."

Daniel Cherry III - Chief Marketing Officer, E-Sports

Activision Blizzard

"Theresa Tran is the preeminent entertainment and lifestyle communications experts in the industry today. Not only is she strategically-minded, she also operates like an entrepreneur. Theresa protects clients' investments every step of the way and never recommends an activation or tactic that she would not invest in herself. She gets it done...well...every time. Theresa's contacts and relationships across industries, countries, and continents is also unparalleled. Most importantly, she is a beautiful human being with the kindest soul. To know her is to love her...and love working with her."

Emeka Ofodile - Vice President, Sports Marketing


“Theresa is extremely approachable and is a pleasure to deal with. Great contacts within the industry and brings the same level of passion and drive to any project or topic. Super professional, energetic, and highly creative. She delivers at the end of the day.”

Christopher White - Head of Brand Partnerships


“There is no one in our business I admire more than Theresa Tran. She exemplifies every professional attribute anyone would seek when in search of an executive, consultant, or business partner. Theresa is a true marketer - and her presence, creativity, attention to detail (and contacts!!) puts her in a class by herself. Regardless of the assignment or situation, Theresa will over-deliver - and I look forward to continuing our long standing, professional relationship for many years to come.”

Asani Swann - Vice President, Business Strategy

Carmelo Anthony Enterprises

"Theresa has been a reliable resource and a trusted sounding board for various projects related to communication strategy and business development. She has a keen sense of what it takes to promote, and also protect, the image of her athlete clients, bringing value in the form of both publicity and monetization. I hope that her and I will continue to have the opportunity to work together, and set an example for young women establishing their careers in sports."

Jason Mayden - CEO/Co-Founder, Super Heroic

Super Heroic / Foot Locker Inc.

"TTT, as she is affectionately called, is an instrumental force in the space of youth culture, cross-channel narratives, brand building and corporate communications.  Her attention to detail, relentless dedication and laser focused style of execution has helped multiple companies and individuals in a multitude of industries.  She is a change agent that speaks truth to power and I am elated to work with her in any capacity."

Steve Rodriguez - Senior Vice President, Creative Services

Erwin Penland

“I had an opportunity to work with Theresa Tran in an environment that was fast-paced and pressure–filled, especially in her area of marketing and communications. Through it all, I was able to witness her professionalism not only through the work results that she delivered, but also through her calm demeanor during some very difficult times with some very difficult personalities. She has a creative entrepreneurial spirit that will serve both start-ups and established corporations very well. She is reliable and relentless about producing quality work and any company or individual would be lucky to work with her."

Janae Twisselman - Brand Marketing/Event Consultant

Cesar Millan Enterprises

"Theresa Tran is a PR/Marketing genius and one of the most well-connected and creative people I have ever worked with.  She hustles harder than anyone and bends over backwards for talent and brand clients alike.  Honest, savvy, straightforward, kind and out-of-the-box thinker, she will crush any project she works on.  Highly recommend her!"

Stanley Lumax - Chief Marketing Officer

Premier Music Group

"Theresa Tran is the right combination of hard work, passion and relevance.  She knows how to create premium connections and elevate brands with her endless network.  I love working with her because she thinks big and is insightful."


Lindsay Hall - Director, Integrated Consumer Engagement

11 Ounces

"Theresa is one of the most hard working and well connected women I have had the pleasure of working with.  With her vast experience in marketing and communications, she has conquered campaigns and events across sports, lifestyle, fashion, music, tech and more.  In the industry, her name is synonymous with success."

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